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Code: 9834
1 Day (7h)
€790.00  ht  / -20% remotely

Discover the organization of a universal bank, its activities and its organization. You will have a vision of the global, European and French banking market

Our Deep Dives

Sotck exchange

Financial products

Code: 5423
1 Day (7h)
€860.00  ht  / -20% remotely

The role of banks in financing the economy and hedging risks is done through a multitude of financial products that generate high income for banks.

A woman sitting by her computer in a trading room

Investment banking processing

Code: 9767
Days (7h)
€860.00  ht  / -20% remotely

Discover behind the scenes of the management of market operations, its organization, its operation and its management

Court United States House

banking regulations

Code: 7689
2 Days (7h)
€860.00  ht  / -20% remotely

Banking regulation and compliance with its regulations entails a significant cost for banks which are obliged to adapt processes and the information system.

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