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Our training offers

Young consultant

Become a consultant

Code: 3421
2 Days (14h)
€1430.00  ht  / -20% remotely

You are starting your career in consulting or want to reorient yourself towards consulting. This training will give you an exhaustive vision of the life of a consultant and will allow you to measure your level and define your areas of progress.

View from the window

Operational efficiency

Code: 4372
2 Days (14h)
1760,00 €  ht  / -20% remotely

Support your board in defining and implementing operational efficiency improvements. Discover effective methods based on case studies

Our Deep Dives

Exceed data

Data analysis

Code: 3298
2 Days (14h)
€1430.00  ht  / -20% remotely

In most consulting engagements, analysis begins with data collection and data analysis. Knowing how to identify the relevant data and highlight them is a success factor for the entire mission. You will discover tools and methods to gain relevance and efficiency.


Powerpoint - professional presentations

Code: 5632
1 Day (7h)
€760.00  ht  / -20% remotely

Increase the impact of your presentations

work presentation

Professional communication

Code: 7865
1 Day (7h)
€800.00  ht  / -20% remotely

Know how to present your work in a clear way with impact. This training will allow you to work on your posture and your written and oral communication

Activity planning

Adaptation and resistance

Code: 5876
1 Day (7h)
Free if you take a 2-day Consulting Skills training

Develop confidence and assertiveness. Manage your stress during times of intense activity to stay focused on your goals while adapting to a difficult environment. With the voluntary participation of an experienced coach

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