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Data organization

Introduction to bank accounting

Code: 6756
2 Days (14h)
€1430.00  ht  / -20% remotely

At the end of this training, you will be able to read a bank balance sheet and a bank income statement with a focus on the accounting of current transactions, and derivative products with a reminder of the main standards.

Our Deep Dives

Sotck exchange

Accounting for financial instruments

Code: 2345
2 days (14h)
€1430.00 excl. tax  / -20% remotely

Financial instruments represent a wide range of products of varying complexity. At the end of this training, you will be able to distinguish the families of financial products and their role for companies and financial institutions.

Administrative building

IFRS standards

Code: 4536
2 days (14h)
€1,500.00 ex VAT  / -20% remotely

IFRS standards (international financial reporting standard) are the basis of international accounting harmonization. Through this training, you will know the main international standards including IFRS9, IFRS16 and read financial statements in IAS / IFRS.

British Pound Coins


Code: 1289
2 Days (14h)
€1,800.00 excl. tax / -20% remotely

Asset/Liability management is fundamental for managing financial income with regard to liquidity and foreign exchange risks in a regulatory environment that is becoming tougher with ever-increasing capital requirements.

business meeting

Basel standards

Code: 5689
2 days (14h)
1800 € excl. tax / -20% remotely

Know the history of the Basel standards, the different versions of the Basel I standard up to Basel IV with a focus on credit risk.

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